There is reportedly a ‘good chance’ JaMarcus Russell gets a second NFL chance

Jamarcus RussellWe laughed (you did too) when there was a report that the Jets had discussions about bringing in former #1 pick JaMarcus Russell. Why? Because of course no one besides the Jets would actually give JaMarcus Russell another chance. Well according to a report by Mike Freeman of CBS Sports, that actually might not be the case.

In fact, Freeman reports that a number of teams are monitoring Russell’s comeback and there is real interest in him.

This from an NFC scout when asked about the formerly fat mess known as JaMarcus Russell: “I’ve been following his comeback story pretty closely. I think a lot of teams are. Good chance he gets a second shot.”

That all sounds very surprising until Freeman spills why teams have interest.

The reason is quite simple and goes beyond the alleged 30 or more pounds that Russell has lost. Or his alleged new desire to prove himself.

The reason that teams are interested is because there just aren’t enough good quarterbacks in the league.

For every great, like Aaron Rodgers, there is a Ryan Fitzpatrick. There are a ton of scrubs at the position in the league, and this year’s draft isn’t knocking the socks off teams.

So, if there’s an outside chance that Russell has truly turned things around, then someone will take a chance.

If he does get another chance, let’s hope he takes things seriously this time.

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  1. The JETS are geniuses’s –I ALREADY posted to JaMarcus’ article that he SHOULD go talk to the JETS because Rex “Idiot” Ryan already has 5 qb’s and probably needs a couple more–BEFORE the NFL draft. Go JETS, Go Tebow. What’s up with the 5 or 6 qb’s MAN???

  2. Oops I forgot: Ex-Tennessee reject QB Vince Young. Vince go apply with the JETS. Seriously cuz Rec “IDIOT” Ryan neeeeds more QB’s. Maybe it’s his sexual fetish or something.

  3. Raiders get overweight bad quarterback.
    Raiders drop overweight bad quarterback.
    NEWSFLASH: Ex-Raiders overweight bad quarterback gets picked up by the Jets; oh, wait, he lost 50 pounds. Raiders bad quarterback signs with the JJJETS.
    ___urp!!! That’s for YOU, Rex baby !

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