Terry Francona got lost three times during his walk to Progressive Field for the Indians’ home opener

terry franconaTerry Francona had a pretty interesting day on Monday before the Indians’ home opener against the Yankees. It all started when Francona set out to make the two-block walk from his downtown Cleveland apartment to Progressive Field.

But before Francona knew it, he had gotten lost three times by his count. And if it weren’t for helpful Clevelanders and an Indians employee, Francona may have still been trying to find his way to the ballpark.

“I got lost three times,” he said. “Even when I got to the garage two people who work here said, `Hey, do you know where you’re going?’ I was like, `Nope.”

Fortunately for Francona, an Indians employee picked him up in a golf cart and got him to the stadium.

“Cleveland is officially the nicest people I’ve ever met,” he said. “Everybody I did walk by said, `Hello.’ That’s a little different than I’m used to.”

Good to see that Francona made it to the ballpark. It’s also good to see that Francona still take the time to give a little dig at Bostonians.

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