Shane Battier drunk Bud Light during the Heat’s 27 game winning streak, so he was rewarded with more Bud Light

shane battier

While the Miami Heat were trying to eclipse the Lakers’ 33 game win streak, Shane Battier was attempting to keep a daily routine. One of which was drinking only Bud Light after each game.

Battier shared his daily Bud Light ritual with Steve Aschburner of after the Heat’s win over the Cavaliers which was the team’s 24th win in a row.

As forward Shane Battier said late Wednesday night in Cleveland, “Athletes are all superstitious and even if they don’t admit it, there’s a routine and just a cadence to our days. Especially when things go well, you can see us try to replicate it.”

Exactly. Just what we suspected. And yours are …

“Nope,” Battier said. “Well, I try to drink the same beer – Bud Light – but that’s about it. You never know. I don’t want to chance luck and switch up brands, so I’m staying loyal to Bud Light.”

As a reward for his loyalty to Bud Light, a truckload of Bud Light showed up at Shane Battier’s house. And Bud Light videotaped the entire thing.

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