Rasheed Wallace’s return to the lineup lasted all of 4 minutes

rasheed wallaceRasheed Wallace is both one of the most entertaining players in the NBA and one of the oldest players in the NBA. And what do old NBA players do? That’s right, they get hurt.

Wallace has been on the shelf since December with a fractured foot. And on Monday, Wallace finally saw game action in what was supposed to be a “test run” to get him ready for the playoffs. But unfortunately the test run only lasted 4 minutes.

This was supposed to be a test run for Rasheed Wallace, a chance, according to Knicks coach Mike Woodson, “to get his feet wet a little bit.”

The test lasted all of four minutes, as Wallace left last night’s 106-95 loss to the Bobcats with a sore left foot. He then left the arena without comment, but with a noticeable limp.

As for Mike Woodson, he’s trying to remain optimistic about it all.

“I’m not saying it’s a setback,” Woodson said. “He was a little sore. He asked me to come out and I pulled him. We’ll evaluate it a little more and see how he feels.”

It would definitely be a shame if we didn’t get to see Sheed get thrown out at least one playoff game this season.

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