Pierre Garcon believes Robert Griffin III can be ‘just as good’ as Peyton Manning

pierre garcon robert griffin iiiComparing a quarterback that has played for one season in the NFL to one of the best quarterbacks, statistically at least, of all time isn’t usually allowed around these parts. But since Pierre Garcon has played with both Robert Griffin III and Peyton Manning we’ll entertain this.

Garcon made an appearance on NFL AM on the NFL Network Thursday and flat out told viewers that Robert Griffin III can be just as good as Peyton Manning. And it only took Garcon one season to see what he saw in Manning during his four year stint with the Colts.

“(Griffin) can be just as good as Peyton,” Garcon told “NFL AM” on Thursday.

Garcon called both quarterbacks “natural leaders,” saying they “take control of the huddle, the meetings … and communicate with all the players.”

“Peyton’s very skilled with his arm, Robert is skilled with his arm and his legs, so that’s what makes him more dynamic and more dangerous,” Garcon said, “but they are very similar. … Robert’s going to very good, and just as good as Peyton.”

The comparison is definitely premature, but the talent of RG3 is undeniable. But there is at least one area where RG3 beats Manning hands down, the skill of taking awkward photographs with fans.

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