Mike Rice called a Rutgers recruit to warn him about the abuse video

Mike RiceWe heard from Mike Rice himself after the now infamous abuse video was released which resulted in him being fired. But up until this point, we hadn’t heard anything about where Rice’s head was in the days leading up to the release of the video. Well thanks to a New York Daily News interview with Rutgers recruit Shane Rector, we now have a good idea about that too.

According to Rector, Rice called him a few days before the video was released to ensure that Rector wasn’t “blindsided” by it.

“Before the video came out he called me up. He talked to me,” said Rector. “He told me there was going to be a video about him online. He wasn’t trying to hide it from me. I still felt comfortable.”

Obviously, Rice felt comfortable too. Why else would he contact a recruit if he wasn’t comfortable that he was keeping his job?
And just to show you how nothing, including a video of a potential future coach abusing his players, really affects the decisions of highschoolers, there’s this comment from Rector.

“They’re still on my list, (so) if everything happens to work out I might still go there,” he said. “But just for me, so I could have other options, (it was best to decommit).

“If he (Rice) would have stayed I probably would have still went there.”

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