Miami Marlins ‘higher ups’ are now making decisions on who should pitch and when they should pitch

jeffrey-loriaYou don’t need a reminder that the Miami Marlins is arguably one of the worst run organizations in sports. Between threatening to sue long-time season ticket holders and trying to get a player to buy house in Miami just two days before trading him, the Marlins have being a horrible organization down to a science.

But on Tuesday, the “higher ups” in the Marlins organization decided that screwing up things off the field is enough for them. They also want to try their hand at screwing up things on the field. So those “higher ups” decided that despite actually employing coaches to make the decision about who would pitch during Tuesday’s doubleheader against the Twins, they would instead make the decision.

MINNEAPOLIS — It was a bone-chilling 38 degrees when Jose Fernandez took the mound at Target Field on Tuesday, and a still nippy 42 by the time Ricky Nolasco got there.

Nolasco was scheduled to go in the first game, but was notified by phone at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday — only 2 1/2 hours before game time — that there had been a change of plans. Fernandez would go in the first games while Nolasco would have to wait for the later game.

Manager Mike Redmond said the organization wanted the inexperienced Fernandez, 20, pitching during the warmer daylight hours and the more seasoned Nolasco pitching at night when it was expected to be even colder.

Multiple sources said the decision was made by higher-ups in the organization, however, and did not sit well with Redmond, pitching coach Chuck Hernandez and Nolasco, who were all caught off guard by the announcement.

Reason number 1,000,001 why the Marlins are a horribly ran organization.

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