Matt Kemp confronted Carlos Quentin in the parking lot after Dodgers-Padres brawl

matt kemp carlos quentinAs expected, the Dodgers are pretty angry about losing Zack Greinke to a broken collarbone at the hands of Carlos Quentin. We’ve already heard how angry Dodgers manager Don Mattingly is about the situation. But it seems no one is angrier than Matt Kemp about losing Greinke.

Kemp was so angry after the game that he waited in the parking lot for Carlos Quentin and confronted him about rushing the mound.

Dodgers slugger Matt Kemp confronted San Diego’s Carlos Quentin as they were leaving Petco Park after the teams had a bench-clearing brawl that left Los Angeles pitcher Zack Greinke with a broken collarbone.

Kemp asked Quentin why he charged Greinke after getting hit by a pitch Thursday night. Kemp walked up to Quentin near the players’ exit and the two went nose-to-nose. Padres pitcher Clayton Richard separated them, and security and police quickly broke it up.

This is certainly getting ugly. And just in case you need another indication of how ugly it’s getting, the Dodgers’ Twitter account has you covered.

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