Lance Armstrong was forced to withdraw from a local swim meet after objections were raised about him competing

lance armstrongIf you ever needed a story that represents the new reality for Lance Armstrong, this is that story.

In an attempt to scratch his competitive itch, Armstrong decided that he would attempt to compete in a local swim meet in Austin. But unfortunately for Armstrong, Switzerland-based International Swimming Federation, known as FINA sent a letter objecting that Armstrong could compete in the meet because of his lifetime ban from international competition.

The move caused Armstrong to decide to withdraw from the meet.

“FINA wrote a letter to the US Masters Swimming (with copy to US Aquatic Sports and USA Swimming) requesting not to accept the entry of Mr. Lance Armstrong in the above mentioned competition,” FINA announced in a statement Sunday.

Rob Butcher, executive director of US Masters Swimming, told the Associated Press that on Thursday morning Armstrong pulled out of the weekend event.

If you’re keeping count at home, Armstrong has now been turned away from triathlons, marathons, and now swim meets. The hits just keep coming.

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