John Harbaugh reportedly didn’t want Ed Reed back with the Ravens

ed reedFrom all accounts, the Houston Texans seemingly beat out the Ravens in a bidding war for the services of Ed Reed. But according to Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun, that certainly wasn’t the case.

According to Preston, the Ravens out of respect for Reed bid up his price to allow him to make more money, but they had no interest in re-signing him. And the decision to not to re-sign him came from head coach John Harbaugh.

It was interesting to see how the national media made it seem like the Ravens were in a bidding war with Houston for former safety Ed Reed.

The Ravens made it appear that way out of respect for Reed, and it certainly put more money in Reed’s pocket. But Ravens coach John Harbaugh wanted Reed back as much as he wants a root canal.

It was the perfect time for both parties to go their separate ways.

Can you blame, Harbaugh? It was time to move on and after winning a Super Bowl, it was indeed the perfect time to do so.

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