Former Alabama lineman D.J. Fluker tweets he took money in college, then promptly deletes tweet

NCAA Football: Cowboys Classic-Alabama vs MichiganFormer Alabama offensive tackle D.J. Fluker will likely go in the first round of the NFL draft on Thursday. And since this is draft week, one would think that Fluker would be lying low to be sure that he doesn’t do anything stupid that could affect his draft stock at the last minute.

But alas, Fluker decided it was a good idea to take to his Twitter account as announce to his followers that he took money while in college at Alabama. Why? Because in his words, “agents were trying to pimp him, so he pimped them.”


Like clockwork, Fluker’s agent came on the scene to attempt to clean up his mess and claimed that Fluker’s account had been hacked.

Also like clockwork Fluker’s account has disappeared, but Dr. Saturday points out that the tweet didn’t fit in with the rest of his timeline and that the tweet “seemed to pretty much come out of left field.” So maybe, just maybe Fluker’s account was hacked.

But since we’ve seen this with athletes time and time again, we’re not believing any of it.

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