ESPN The Magazine surveyed 110 MLB players and 5.4% of them said they knew of a gay MLB player

gay mlbGay athletes in professional sports have become a hot topic lately. From a NFL team asking a draft prospect, “Do you like girls?” to the belief that a gay NFL player is close to coming out of the closet, the chatter about the thought of gay athletes is getting louder and louder.

To follow suit, ESPN The Magazine asked 110 MLB players do they know any gay MLB players for their MLB Confidential piece that will run in their upcoming issue. And though, the majority of the players said no, there were a few that answered yes.


The vast majority answered no (94.6%), with about an equal split then saying some version of “Nobody would care” or “It wouldn’t bother me, but it would be a problem for other guys” when asked to elaborate. Then there are the 5.4% who already know of a gay colleague. “Yes, but that’s as far as I want to go, even if this is anonymous,” says one NL player.

This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. Sooner or later, someone will break down that barrier and admit that he’s gay and from there, that 5.4% will just grow and grow.

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