Brutus Buckeye took a snap in Ohio State’s spring practice, gets leveled for his trouble

brutus buckeye

During Ohio State’s spring practice on Saturday, Brutus Buckeye made an appearance not on the sideline or in the stands, but on the field.

At some point in the scrimmage, Ohio State’s mascot lined up in the shotgun, took a snap, and began to scrambling. What happened next was unexpected to say the least.

Brutus made a break up the middle, then out of nowhere, linebacker David Perkins came up and leveled the mascot. After the scrimmage, Perkins spoke at length about hitting someone dressed in a mascot suit the same way he would hit someone in full pads.

“Oh, yeah, I’m about to get him,” Perkins recalled of his thoughts.

“It was see ball, hit ball,” Perkins explained. “It was just a little joke. It was just part of the day. … Having the people out here, it gets us closer with our fans so they can see how it is, and so we can feel the energy from them just like we do on game day.”

Then there’s Brutus’ reaction to getting leveled.

Brutus had no comment, as usual. But he did go over and kneel for moment in front of Meyer before moving back into the crowd.

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