After falling out of the first round, Geno Smith has decided he’s not attending day 2 of the draft (UPDATE: Geno Smith will attend day 2)

geno smithIt was a rough night to say the least for former West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith. While team after team drafted players not named Geno Smith, Smith had to sit in a green room that got emptier and emptier. And of course, ESPN and NFL Network cameras caught every image of a disappointed Smith as he waited for his name to be called.

By the end of the night, Smith had to not only deal with not being drafted, but he also had to deal with watching Florida State quarterback EJ Manuel put on a Buffalo Bills hat and hug Roger Goodell after being drafted by the Buffalo Bills with the 16th pick.

All of the events of the night were apparently too much for Smith to handle, so he’s decided that he’s just going to pack his things and wait to be drafted from home.

This entire experience will do one of two things for Geno Smith: It will either put a chip on his shoulder or it will completely kill his confidence. Hopefully for his sake, he’s able to keep the type of confidence that would allow him to tweet things like this:

geno tweet

UPDATE: Looks like someone talked Geno into toughing it out.

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