Aaron Ross calls his lone year with the Jacksonville Jaguars a ‘paid vacation’

Aaron RossWe’re from Jacksonville, so we wouldn’t exactly characterize a year in Duval County as a vacation. But to Aaron Ross, that’s exactly what his lone year playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars was.

Ross joined NFL AM on the NFL Network Friday to discuss returning to the New York Giants after being cut by the Jaguars in March. But before he could get to that, he had to rub it in the face of Jaguars fans by saying that, “It was a nice paid vacation to Florida.”

During Ross’ paid vacation in Florida signed a three-year, $9.75 million contract and only started nine games for the Jags. So guess he really was on vacation.

And all the while, it seems that Ross always had plans to return to New York. Because upon signing that three-year deal, all Ross think about is returning to his former team.

From the very start, I talked to [general manager Jerry Reese] when I signed with the Jags. I told him, ‘I have a three-year contract and as soon as it’s over, I’ll be ready to come back home.’”

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