Wes Welker reportedly has ‘mild disdain’ for the Patriots

wes-welkerWhile the Patriots were busy working through the details of Tom Brady’s raise, Wes Welker is still waiting on a contract. This isn’t the first time Welker has had to sit and wait to see if the Patriots deem him worthy enough for a long term contract. He had to endure this last season, and Welker eventually got fed up and went public with his feelings.

This season, in a move that some think was punishment for his comments, the Patriots seemingly cut Welker’s role in the gameplan. And it wasn’t until both Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez suffered that Welker began to get the targets that he was used to getting.

According to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, that fact hasn’t gone unnoticed by Welker and it has caused him to have “mild disdain” for the organization.

What’s important to consider is Welker’s somewhat mild disdain for the Patriots right now, according to a source close to the player. Welker apparently is a little miffed at how he was treated in last year’s opener, when offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels had him targeted for a season-low five pass attempts that resulted in a season-low three receptions.

That bit of tweaking stuck in Welker’s craw all season. So did the notion that if tight ends Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski hadn’t both gotten hurt at different times, there’s a strong belief that Welker would have been limited to far fewer than the 118 receptions he finished with last season. In short, there’s a little paranoia in the Welker camp these days about his role with the Pats.

Wes Welker is heading into his 9th and of course he isn’t getting any younger. Maybe his best days are behind him. But you can’t argue that he’s had a big hand in the Patriots’ run over the years.

Of course, he’s not Tom Brady and he doesn’t play the most important position on the field. But it’s interesting to see just how differently the Patriots have treated Welker as opposed to Brady.

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