Two players, three assistant coaches ejected during Stanford-Cal scuffle


Continuing our week of both players and coaches losing their cool during college basketball games, we now have a scuffle between Stanford and Cal that resulted in five ejections.

With five minutes left in the game, a battle for a loose ball quickly turned bad when players from both teams began pushing and shoving. Eventually, both benches cleared as referees and coaches tried to regain control.

Once the dust had settled, Stanford’s Gabriel Harris and Cal’s Richard Solomon were ejected for leaving the bench. Which is understandable. But what is not is the fact that Stanford assistant coaches Charles Payne and Mark Madsen and Cal assistant Gregg Gottlieb were also ejected for leaving the bench. Why? Because the NCAA foolishly has a rule that says only the head coach can leave the bench at any time.

Stanford head coach Johnny Dawkins explained after the game why the rule makes no sense at all.

The coaches ran onto the floor “to make sure nothing happened,” Dawkins said. “The rule says only the head coach can come out. … When you see that kind of a scrum, that many people in that kind of a brawl, you’re way outnumbered.”


Stanford went on to win the game 83-70.

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