The Philadelphia Sixers have insurance that will pay Andrew Bynum’s salary

andrew bynumThere’s a decent chance that Andrew Bynum won’t take the floor for the Sixers this season. There’s also a decent chance that Andrew Bynum won’t ever take the floor for the Sixers.

And as depressing as all that may sound, there is at least a little glimmer of good news about the whole situation. According to John Mitchell of the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Sixers have insurance on Bynum that will pay most if not all of the $16.9 million that the Sixers owe Bynum this season.

“There is a leaguewide insurance that he’s under,” Sixers president Rod Thorn said Wednesday before the team hosted the Miami Heat. “There is some relief along those lines.”

Thorn did not say how much of Bynum’s salary would be covered by the insurance. However, he said that the Sixers would get full relief because there are no preexisting conditions that would prevent Bynum’s coverage.
“No, he’s under the full protection,” Thorn said.

Feel better now, Sixers fans? Yeah, we’re sure you don’t.

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