The Patriots have finally offered Wes Welker a contract and it’s reportedly ‘laughably low’

Wes WelkerFor all the “Patriot for Life” talk, now we finally know how the Patriots really feel about Wes Welker. On Tuesday, we found out that Welker hadn’t even been offered a contract. Well, the Patriots finally got around to offering Welker that contract, but according to the Boston Herald, all the offer did was let Welker know that the Patriots don’t really want him.

Wes Welker is off the reservation and the whisper is he finally realized yesterday the Patriots don’t really want him back after their first offer came in laughably low, according to someone familiar with it. Now Welker will explore the league with the understanding that despite what the owner says if the Patriots really liked him — really, really liked him — they would have already signed him.

We’re pretty sure that mild disdain that Welker had for the Patriots has morphed into extreme disdain.

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  1. Goes to show you what kind of respect that they had for welker, none after all he has done for them they railroad him,I’ve been a fan all my life and now I don’t know, why cause what they did to wes, Bill Billecheck should have fought for him and he did not so now they will get what they deserve a nobody that won’t be able to catch a ball, this year will be the starting of failure, and the Dolphins will be the ones to rise up again, and kick butt.

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