The Miami Marlins are threatening to sue season ticket holders that are complaining about their view


It’s well documented that no one is really interested in attending Miami Marlins games. And though you’ll find this hard to believe, but apparently the Marlins actually have long time season holders.

This is a fact that many of us wouldn’t ever care to know, but because the Marlins are reportedly threatening to sue some of those long time season tickets holders, we now care.

According to the Miami New Times, the Marlins are threatening to sue the Leon family after they complained about a new billboard on the third-base line that obstructed their view. The Leons gave the Marlins the ultimatum of either change their seats or they would not pay.

The Leons complained immediately and asked the Fish to replace the sign with a smaller, digital version. Their letters and calls went unanswered, she says. So when the season ended, she let the sales staff know they wouldn’t pay for their second season’s seats unless they were moved farther down the third-base line, away from the sign.

“They wouldn’t do it,” she says. “We’re just tired of fighting constantly over our view being blocked and our safety endangered.”

The Marlins responded to the ultimatum with this letter from their General Counsel:

Leon Letter

Despite the threat, Jan Leon says they’re not paying up.

“I have no intention of renewing,” Leon says. “They’re a Double A team now. It went down the toilet when they sold off all the players.”

In an attempt to save face, the Marlins eventually gave this statement:

Fan comfort is of utmost importance to us. We go above and beyond to ensure our fans have a great experience at Marlins Park. We have offered Ms. Leon numerous opportunities to move to a different seat location, and each time she has refused to move. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to relocate the advertising signage that she alleges is blocking her view of certain plays near third base. We would be happy to assist Ms. Leon in relocating her tickets to seats that do not have this allegedly obstructed view. We value our fans and will continue to do our very best to offer them a wonderful baseball experience.

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