Several USC basketball players reportedly involved in brawl after game against Washington State on Saturday

USC basketballKREM 2 in Spokane, Washington is reporting that several member of the USC basketball team brawled in downtown Spokane Saturday night. Earlier that day, Washington State easily handled USC 76-51.

According to KREM 2, several witnesses told police that several USC players first got into a fight with patrons at MarQuee Lounge, and then later were part of a “huge fight” a block away at The Wave.

“I’m not going to guess at why, but there’s no justification for their actions. There’s no reason why,” Noel Macapagal of The Wave on First Avenue said.

“They were saying they were with USC. They were shouting anti-Spokane rhetoric,” Macapagal said.

Spokane police say the descriptions they have also fit two USC players. Macapagal said he ran into the same guys at Satellite Diner early Sunday morning.

“Immediately out of the Satellite comes one of the assailants. The first person of inertest was 7-feet-tall, 260 pounds and is the center for USC. He was looking drunk, looking belligerent, calling out our guys, basically admitting to what he had done. [Including] hitting several people, including two women,” Macapagal said.

That’s when another fight broke out.

Four people were taken to the hospital, but no arrests were made. Below is a picture of injuries to the lip of one of the victims.

USC Fight

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