Rex Ryan regrets guaranteeing all those Super Bowl appearances

rex ryanWith each passing day, all signs seem to point to this season quite possibly being Rex Ryan’s last season in New York. And it seems that Ryan may be also realizing this as well.

The usually talkative Ryan has been uncharacteristically quiet since the season started. He even skipped town while the Jets began to clean house in the organization.

Now that reality has set in that the Jets will probably be really bad this year, Ryan is ready to talk about his regrets during his tenure as the head coach. The biggest being his annual guarantee that the Jets would be in the Super Bowl.

The usually brash Ryan conceded he has learned from his failed ability to follow in Joe Namath’s celebrated footsteps as the patron saint of delivering on Super Bowl guarantees his first three years.

“Guaranteeing that Super Bowl is always going to haunt me,” Ryan said. “If I could ever have a do-over, that would be it.”

The Rex Ryan farewell tour has officially begun.

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  1. Let me quote Dean Wormer of “Animal House” to Rex Ryan: “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go thru life, son.” WHO has 5 (FIVE) quarterbacks? NOBODY. Rex is S-T-U-P-I-D. Woody needs to FIRE REX immediately! I mean, WHO has 5 g.d. quarterbacks BEFORE the NFL draft even starts. What an a-hole. The guys got mental problems: WHY keep an athlete like TEBOW on the bench. Use him as a tight end or fullback. I BET BILL BELICHICK would find good use for TEBOW.

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