Predictably, the White House doesn’t like the fact that Dennis Rodman visited to North Korea

rodmanAt what point did you realize that the White House wouldn’t like Dennis Rodman visiting North Korea.

Was it the moment the trip was announced? Or the moment Rodman said he and North Korean leader Kim Un were “friends for life?” Or was it Rodman calling Un “a good guy?”

Whenever it was, it really matters not. But what does matter is that the White House formally denounced Rodman’s trip to North Korea on Monday calling it a publicity stunt.

White House press secretary Jay Carney on Monday denounced Dennis Rodman’s trip to North Korea, calling the former NBA player’s appearance a publicity stunt by the Hermit Kingdom’s oppressive regime.

“Instead of spending money on celebrity sporting events to entertain the elites of that country, the North Korean regime should focus on the well-being of its own people, who have been starved, imprisoned and denied their human rights,” Carney said.

“We have urged the North Korean leadership to heed President Obama’s call to choose the path of peace and coming into compliance with its international obligations,” Carney said. “North Korea’s actions, however, directly violate United Nations Security Council resolutions.”

In case you’re interested in hearing Rodman’s explanation for the trip, he joined ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Sunday to explain. And he wore a suit with money on it. Because of course he did.

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