Percy Harvin reportedly wanted out of Minnesota because Christian Ponder ‘was not good enough’

percy harvinWhile we were away on Monday, the Vikings traded Percy Harvin to the Seahawks for two first-round draft picks. The Seahawks were instantly named a Super Bowl favorite and Adrian Peterson instantly felt like he had been kicked in the stomach. Several times!!!!

So why did the Vikings trade the only receiver on their roster worth mentioning? Mike Freeman of CBS Sports says that Vikings coaches had grown tired of Harvin’s attitude and wanted him gone.

As for Harvin, he had his reasons for wanting out of Minnesota as well. Of course, one of the reasons was money, which led to him requesting a trade before last season. But according to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, Harvin ultimately wanted out because he didn’t think quarterback Christian Ponder was good enough.

According to two sources, the straw that broke the Vikings’ back with Harvin is when he bemoaned the fact that quarterback Christian Ponder, a 2011 first-round pick, was not good enough. That came even though Ponder consistently fed Harvin the ball.

Now Harvin goes to Seattle with a great defense, at least one other serviceable receiver, a dynamic young quarterback, and the ability to do all the things he did in Minnesota. Just with a better team.

Oh the possibilities.

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