Norway’s biathlon team is under investigation for flashing female opponents

norway biathlon team

Here’s an interesting sentence: Norway’s biathlon team is apparently under investigation for flashing female opponents in an attempt to distract them.

As you can clearly see above, a member of the team stripped down his pants and jumped up and down course as skiers skied past him. And unfortunately for the team member, it was all caught on camera. Which has lead to an investigation by the police and the Russian Biathlon Union.

A police spokesman said: ‘We are investigating a case of alleged hooliganism. We have video evidence from numerous people, which we will be analysing over the coming days to identify all those involved.

‘There is no disputing their actions, as we have it all on camera.’

‘We are investigating, but there will be punishments for those involved,’ said the police representative.

The Russian Biathlon Union are also looking into the event and will take disciplinary action as necessary against those involved they stated today.

Spokesperson Dmitry Aleksashin said: ‘Once we have finished our part of the investigation, we will send our findings to the International Biathlon Union.

‘This was very unsporting behaviour at a major event,’ he added.

Here’s the footage of the pantsless man on the track.

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