Lauren Silberman, the first ever female to tryout at a NFL regional combine, reportedly asked other kickers how to approach the ball for a kickoff

lauren-silbermanLauren Silberman became the first female in history to tryout at a NFL regional combine on Sunday. And to put things mildly things didn’t go to well. Silberman could only muster two kickoffs totally 30 yards before retiring from the tryout with a quadriceps injury.

Literally from the start, Silberman’s tryout seemed like more of a publicity stunt than an actually tryout. Why? Well the fact that E! Entertainment network decided that they were now interested in covering a NFL regional combine is one reason. And another is that Silberman promoted her business to anyone and everyone who would listen during the process.

But what drives the whole publicity stunt point home is the fact that Silberman took not one warm-up kick before the tryout and most importantly, she didn’t even know how to properly execute a kickoff.

Three other participants in Sunday’s workout said Silberman asked multiple male kickers how to properly approach the ball for kickoffs. The participants spoke to USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity because they didn’t want to hurt their chances of getting another tryout with a team.

You would think knowing how to correctly execute a kickoff would be of utmost important for someone who is serious about making a NFL team. But history was made so maybe it doesn’t matter.

One this is for sure though, at least one other female kicker is pissed about all of this.

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