Lance Armstrong compares his apology for PED use to Bill Clinton’s apology after Monica Lewinsky affair

lance armstrongThe Texas Monthly has a cover story about Lance Armstrong where Armstrong talks about how he sometimes regrets doing the Oprah interview and reaction to the interview. Armstrong also delves into his apology and how it was received by the masses.

And while Armstrong understands that he won’t be forgiven in the short term, he does believe that he will be forgiven some time down the road. Why? Because just like everyone eventually forgave Bill Clinton, they’ll forgive him too.

“Ultimately, people forgive and forget and remember the good stuff you did,” Armstrong told Texas Monthly. “Is it hard to do? Yeah. But Clinton did it. He loves to work, he loves people, he loves to hustle.”

Armstrong continued: “He’s a hero of mine. He’s a tough guy, he’s smart, surrounded himself with good people. And 10 years later, he’s president of the world. It can be done.”

First all of, Bill Clinton was the President of the United States. In other words, he held a position that most people care about. So choosing to forgive a former President is rather easy to do.

Now choosing to forgive a cyclist that lied and ruined people’s lives over years and years isn’t exactly easy to do. But go ahead, Lance. Keep comparing yourself to a former President.

[CBS Houston]

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