John Wall hits game winner, stares down David Faulk


If you hadn’t heard, David Falk isn’t exactly a fan of John Wall. In fact, he’s not a big fan of many of the players on the Washington Wizards’ roster.

But as a season ticket holder, Falk faithfully shows up to the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. to watch a team that he literally ripped to shreds. Of course, he later apologized for ripping Wall and others to shreds, but the fact remains that he hates the majority of the Wizards’ roster.

So since Faulk faithfully shows up at games, and neither Wall nor any other Wizards player has publicly responded to Falk’s comments, you had to think that they day would come when someone acknowledged Faulk in his courtside seat.

That day apparently came on Sunday for Wall when he hit what ended up being the game winner in the Wizards’ 90-87 win over the Sixers.

At the 1:21 mark, Wall definitely stares someone down. And from what Falk had to say about to Wall, you have to believe that someone is Falk.

H/T DC Sports Bog

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