Joe Flacco’s agent is here to remind you that he was right

joe-flaccoJoe Linta, the campaigning agent for Joe Flacco, began his campaign to make Flacco the highest paid quarterback in the league a little more than a year ago. It started with Linta saying Flacco is a top 5 quarterback which made Flacco come out and state his belief that he is the best quarterback in the league. Then, in the middle of Flacco’s great playoff run, Linta popped back on the scene to reiterate his beliefs.

The next thing you know, Flacco leads the Ravens to a Super Bowl victory and Linta ups the ante and publicly states that Flacco should be the highest paid quarterback in the league.

The dust has now settled and Linta’s campaigning has seemingly paid off. And he’s now here to let you know how he feels great that he was right.

“It’s nice to be right,” Linta said. “Everybody laughed about it when I said he’s a top-five guy. When I said he should be the highest-paid player in the NFL, they thought I was a jackass. Hey, I do my job.”

“The football people know,” Linta said. “The people who criticized him are the guys who can’t identify (the) cover 2 (defense) if you spot them the two safeties.”

Say what you want about campaigning Joe Linta, but his job was to get Joe Flacco the best deal possible. And he definitely did just that.

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