Jameer Nelson criticizes Dwight Howard for his comments about Magic teammates

Dwight Howard, Jameer NelsonIn a two part interview with Kristine Leahy of KCAL-TV in L.A, Dwight Howard opened up about his newly stained reputation, the trials of his first season in LA, and his pending free agency.

But the comments that got everyone’s attention were those about his former Orlando Magic teammates.

When asked about his rather unhappy demeanor these days, Howard decided to use the question as an excuse to rip his former Magic teammates.

“I always say, hey, my team in Orlando was a team full of people nobody wanted, and I was the leader. I led that team with a smile on my face.”

Because the comments got everyone’s attention, it was only a matter of time before someone asked one of those former teammate about the comments. And that’s what happened when Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel caught up with Jameer Nelson. And predictably, Nelson was not pleased with the comments.

Longtime Magic point guard Jameer Nelson criticized former teammate Dwight Howard’s professionalism, saying he needs to “take ownership” of the things he says publicly about his former team.

“At some point, when are you [Dwight] gonna as a man, when are you going to take ownership and stay out of the media in a professional manner?” Nelson told the Sentinel after Wednesday’s shooatround in Miami.

“I would be less of a man to comment on certain things that people comment on about me and my teammates. We had a great run as a group, as core guys, and he was a part of it (reaching the 2009 Finals) and for him to say things about anybody in a negative manner, that’s up to him.

“That’s his opinion. If that’s how he feels, that’s how he feels.”

Those were the PG comments from Nelson. Just think about what he told Schmitz off the record.

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