How bad have things gotten for Manti Te’o? The Jets are even afraid to draft him

Manti Te'oDepending on whom you ask, the draft stock of Manti Te’o is either dropping like a rock or holding steady. Adam Schefter thinks Te’o won’t last past the first round. In contrast, Mark May: NFL Draft pundit thinks he’ll go mid to late second round at best.

Neither of those opinions mean much because neither Schefter of May: NFL Draft pundit have a job that involves running a NFL team. But Terry Bradway does. He’s a senior personnel executive for the New York Jets. Normally the opinion of any executive from a NFL team holds weight, but Bradway’s opinion holds a ton of weight because Bradway works for the Jets. A team that isn’t afraid to make decisions that make you scratch your head.

But according to Bradway, even the Jets are scared a little of Te’o. And if the Jets are scared, you can bet everyone else in the league is as well.

“It’s an unusual situation, that’s for sure. I feel bad for him. I mean, the stress of the situation has to have had an impact on his training somehow. I think he’s going to run faster than that at his pro day at the end of March,” Bradway said.

“He’s a good football player,” he added. “I know a lot of us gave him pretty good grades, but when you look at the Alabama game and you look at what’s happened since, it just scares you a little bit. I know their whole defense struggled against Alabama – a lot of missed tackles – they’re a good football team but I think its caused everybody to go back and re-watch and see exactly what we have here. It’s going to be interesting to see where he’s drafted.”

A slow 40 time that had heads shaking, off the field questions, and now the Jets are afraid of him. Mark May: NFL Draft pundit may actually end up being right in all this.


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