Former NC State coach Tom O’Brien used the UVA equipment truck to move his belongings from Raleigh condo

tom-obrienBack in November, NC State head coach Tom O’Brien was fired seemingly out of the blue. Then a couple of months later, O’Brien landed a job on Mike London’s staff at Virginia.

We never really got the opportunity to hear publicly how O’Brien took his firing, but one could guess that it wasn’t well. Mainly because O’Brien was as successful as one could be while at NC State–three straight bowl games, five straight over North Carolina and two wins over Florida State.

So instead of publicly expressing his issues with NC State firing him, he did the next best thing. He had the UVA equipment truck come and move his belongings from Raleigh to Charlottesville.

Well done, Tom. Well done indeed.

H/T Backing The Pack

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