Former Jaguars assistant says that Blaine Gabbert was called ‘Blame’ Gabbert at team facility

blaine-gabbertIt’s been a while since we’ve had a good anonymous rip job from someone in the NFL so guess we’re over due.

The latest anonymous ripping of a player comes from a former Jacksonville Jaguar assistant. With “former” being the most important word of the prior sentence. According the former assistant, Blaine Gabbert was known as “Blame” Gabbert around the Jaguars’ team facility. And if that’s not damning enough, it was because he never took any blame for anything that happened.

First of all, at the Jags’ facility, the 23-year-old is known as Blame Gabbert. “Nothing’s ever his fault,” said one former Jags assistant. There are internal knocks on Gabbert’s intangibles (leadership, attitude, accountability) and, though his pocket presence improved last season, there were still concerns that he gets “scared” under pressure. He also has issues with accuracy (58.3 completion percentage in 2012).

Despite what the former assistant had to say, the Jaguars apparently still haven’t given up on Gabbert.

There’s a scenario in which Gabbert goes into training camp as the team’s presumed starter, though it’s likely the team will bring in at least one young passer. The Jaguars are also open to acquiring a veteran, though it would have to be someone they like more than incumbent backup Chad Henne, who played reasonably well after Gabbert went down with a season-ending injury to his throwing arm in November.

Even a blind can see that Blaine Gabbert, at the moment, doesn’t seem to be the answer in Jacksonville. But with a new regime, maybe it works.

As for the former assistant, who is probably upset that he’s a former assistant, anonymously ripping Gabbert, we’re not surprised. People’s balls get bigger when they can hide behind anonymous comments.

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