Florida Gulf Coast is looking for donations to help keep Andy Enfield

Andy EnfieldFlorida Gulf Coast’s magical ride into the Sweet Sixteen has spawned lots of celebration, the moniker Dunk City, Florida, and a Dunk City anthem. All that is well and good, but there is a downside to all of this for Florida Gulf Coast. And that downside involves their head coach Andy Enfield.

Because of their magical ride which includes dominating performances against Georgetown and San Diego State, Enfield is suddenly a hot name on the college basketball coaching circuit. So Florida Gulf Coast is doing what any school that wants to keep their coach, they’re scrambling to attempt to extend Enfield’s contract. The problem is that FGCU isn’t sitting on the money that the bigger programs are. So they’re looking for anyone who wants to help them out monetarily so they can approach Enfield with a contract that would make him the highest paid coach in the Atlantic Sun.

FGCU’s unexpected success in the NCAA tournament has thrust Andy Enfield into the national spotlight.
Now it could be earning the FGCU head coach a hefty raise- maybe with the Eagles, or maybe elsewhere.

NBC 2 Sports Director Brian Colleran has learned that the university wants to re-structure Enfield’s original 5-year deal, with the goal of making the 43-year old Enfield the highest paid coach in the Atlantic Sun Conference, nearly doubling his current salary to $300,000 per season.

Right now, FGCU doesn’t have the money to make that happen.

The school is hoping to have donations come forward to help keep Enfield with the Eagles.

We’re not sure that a weekend of basketball means Andy Enfield is a great coach, but you really can’t blame FGCU for trying to lock up a coach that has basically put your school on the map.

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