Dennis Rodman reportedly thrown out of hotel bar for telling everyone how nice Kim Jong Un is

rodman-kim-jong-unDennis Rodman is back from his visit to North Korea where he made a friend for life in Kim Jong Un. And if you thought that you had heard the last of Rodman and his love of the North Korean leader, well you were mistaken.

Rodman decided to visit the hotel bar at the Time Hotel on Sunday where he did more than have a drink or two. Rodman spent most of his time telling anyone who would listen that Kim Jong Un was a nice guy.

The problem for Rodman was that no one wanted to hear about Kim Jong Un. And that eventually led to Rodman reportedly being escorted out of both the hotel and the hotel bar.

He was at the bar at Serafina for three hours,” says a spy. “He kept saying what a nice guy Kim is, and how Kim just wants to talk to President Obama about basketball. He was waving around a signed copy of the dictator’s huge manifesto, telling everyone they should read it.”

Added the witness, “Dennis was making a total jerk of himself. He wouldn’t leave, and he wouldn’t let anyone talk to him about shutting up, or what an oppressive country North Korea is. Eventually he had to leave the bar because the bartender was starting to get [bleep]ed-off.”

Guess Rodman is really serious about his love of Kim Jong Un.

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