DeMarcus Cousins got into a shouting match with a fan last night

DeMarcus CousinsNo one doubts that DeMarcus Cousins is one of the most talented big men in the NBA. No one also doubts that DeMarcus Cousins is just a little crazy. How else can someone manage to get ejected at halftime?

To make matters worse, he plays for a horrible team that may or may not be moving to Seattle sometime soon. Which leads to frustrating nights for both Kings players and Kings fans.

That frustration was on full display late in the Kings’ 120-113 loss to the Denver Nuggets. According to the Sacramento Bee, as Cousins left the game to sit out the final 10:15, he got into a shouting match with a fan. And not a Nuggets fan, a Kings fan.

Cousins sat out the final 10:15, and his exit wasn’t the usual jog to the bench. He engaged in a shouting match with fans seated on the baseline near the Kings’ bench.

“He said some disrespectful things, and I had some things to say back,” Cousins said. “That was it.”
Cousins said he believes it was a Kings fan, “which makes it even worse.”

[Sacramento coach [Keith] Smart said sitting Cousins had nothing to do with that verbal exchange and instead was about finding the best matchup to slow down the Nuggets (40-22).

DeMarcus Cousins needs out of Sacramento. The problem is finding a team that will take a chance on him.

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