Brian Cashman wants to sign Chipper Jones and Derrek Lee while one Yankees fan wants to sign Barry Bonds

brian cashmanSo just how desperate are the Yankees and their fans to sign warm bodies that may have been good at baseball at some point in the lives? Well, let’s just see.

On Monday Yankees GM Brian Cashman confirmed that he had reached out to Derrek Lee to gauge his interest on joining the Yankees. Lee, who hasn’t played in the majors since 2011, said thanks, but no thanks.

Then all of a sudden, Cashman threw out another name from his old timers’ wish list. That name being recently retired Atlanta Braves star Chipper Jones.

“He’d be perfect,” Cashman said before invoking his given, and far less used, first name. “I’d take Larry in a heartbeat.”

Now before you shake your head in disbelief, it must be said that Cashman isn’t the only one thinking in these terms. At least one Yankees fan is thinking in the old timers’ terms as well. And that fan called into WFAN in New York to tell Mike Francesa who he thinks the Yankees should sign. That player? Barry Bonds.

Don’t you just love Yankees fans?

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