Bill Simmons calls ESPN First Take’s Richard Sherman segment ‘awful and embarrassing’

Bill SimmonsIt’s almost every day that someone, somewhere criticizes ESPN’s debate show First Take. But it’s not every day that one of ESPN’s own criticizes the show. At least not publicly.

But last night, Grantland creator and SI’s most powerful person in the sports media Bill Simmons, broke rank and criticized the show’s segment with Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman on Thursday.

There wasn’t much to the segment other than Sherman dumping on Skip Bayless calling him “ignorant, pompous, and egotistical and even telling Bayless that, “I’m better at life than you.”The segment had the internet buzzing, but Simmons was apparently not amused. And last night, he slowly began to show his disdain for the segment on his Twitter page.

He starts off by asking the question that is usually asked whenever First Take gets negative attention, if you don’t like it, why do you watch it.


An hour later, Simmons decides that everyone should know that he’s not defending the segment and it was both “awful and embarrassing.”



Publicly criticizing ESPN doesn’t usually go over well with the suits in Bristol. But with Simmons being the golden boy at ESPN, maybe he can.

Video via BSO

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