Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank gets his new stadium to replace the Georgia Dome

Arthur BlankRemember when Falcons owner Arthur Blank tried to use the threat of moving to Los Angeles as a way for the city of Atlanta to pony up funding to help with his new stadium? Well of course, it was just a ploy to help him get to this day; the day when the city would agree to let him build a brand new downtown stadium to replace the Georgia Dome.

But don’t fret ATLiens, Blank wants you to know that the new retractable roof stadium won’t be just for his benefit. It will benefit the city with the surrounding neighborhoods and create many jobs. Well paying too!

The Falcons agreed to pay an additional $50 million for infrastructure around the stadium, and the Blank foundation also agreed to pay $15 million for improvements in the surrounding neighborhoods.

“Equally important, a new stadium will lead to the creation of well-paying jobs during its construction at a time when many of our friends and neighbors are seeking employment,” [Mayor Kasim] Reed said. “This new stadium will also keep the city of Atlanta at the forefront of the hospitality industry in America as we pursue our goal of attracting 40 million visitors annually. It will strengthen the viability of the more than 200,000 jobs that support our tourism and convention business every single day.”

Now that’s how you spin a ginormous win for Arthur Blank and Roger Goodell.

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