A Philadelphia radio station has created a ‘Get Out Soon’ card for Andrew Bynum

bynum-e-cardThe WIP Morning Show is done with Andrew Bynum and his knees. So when Sixers head coach Doug Collins said he hopes “we all keep [Bynum] in prayer “and that even though he hasn’t played all season that he’s still a 76er”, show host Angelo Cataldi lost it.

So in response, Cataldi created a “Get Well Out Soon” card and has invited Sixers fans to sign it.

Along with the card, Cataldi went on an impressive rant about the whole situation.

“Here is what has transpired over the last 48 hours that we as fans must take a stand on,” Cataldi said on Wednesday morning. “I have seen injustices in my 23 years doing this show, but none that matches the current injustice going on involving the 76ers, Andrew Bynum, and their fans.”

“Are they spiking the water over there with stupid pills? Is everyone over there so damn stupid, that they don’t understand how horrible this sounds? They don’t get that? They don’t get it,” Cataldi said. “Maybe we need to help them a little and that’s what we’re here to do. We’re what you call facilitators. We help people. We reach out. So our promotions department got together after the show yesterday, we said you know what, ‘they [the Sixers] want sympathy, let’s give them sympathy.’ Let’s get a huge sympathy card, put it on the streets of Center City, and get people to sign it and that will win over everyone. So we have put together a beautiful sympathy card.”

The Sixers at least have insurance paying Bynum’s salary this season, but that’s obviously not enough for Cataldi.

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