Texas Tech fans faxed Tommy Tuberville the menu of the restaurant he left recruits at on Signing Day

tommy-tubervilleBack in December, we told you about how then Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville left a group of recruits at dinner

the day before accepting the head job at Cincinnati. The story was a hot topic for a day or two which led to Tuberville having to withstand a barrage of questions on the matter from Dan Patrick.

Most of us moved on and forgot about Tuberville’s handling of the situation, but apparently Texas Tech fans haven’t. And to show Tuberville that they haven’t forgotten, a few of them decided to fax Tuberville the menu of the 50 Yard Line Steakhouse (the place where this all went down) yesterday during Signing Day.

Here’s what the fax cover page said:

Date: 2-06-2013

From: Texas Tech Nation

To: Tommy Tuberville and staff.

MEMO Was thinking of you. . . We will miss you . . . Here is an intent letter to remember us by

Signed XoXXOOxxoo WreckEmTech

And here are photos of the fax that were sent:

Well done Texas Tech fans. Well done indeed.

[Viva The Matadors]

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