Terrell Suggs says the 49ers were ‘catered’ to during the Super Bowl

terrell-suggsTerrell Suggs is making the rounds saying controversial things. He joined “The Big Show” on WEEI and said he “guarantees the other 31 [NFL] teams hate the New England Patriots.” He then goes on and on about how players throughout the league tell stories of what’s wrong with the Patriots.


He then follows that appearance up with an appearance on WFAN in New York with Boomer & Carton. This time, Suggs talks about his recovery after suffering the Achilles tendon tear and whether or not Joe Flacco should get paid. But things got interesting when the subject turned to John Harbaugh’s behavior when the lights went out in the Super Bowl. And according to Suggs, it all stems from the Ravens belief that the 49ers were “catered” to the entire week leading up to the game.

Could you believe how crazy John Harbaugh was when the lights went out during the Super Bowl?

“I could believe it because you all weren’t there the whole week. Like, we were treated like this was just another 49ers Super Bowl quest and we was just the victims of it. [Boomer: You gotta realize on the other side, the 49ers were hearing all about Ray Lewis’ last swan song]. If you look, at considering everything, everything was kind of catered for the 49ers, even with the hotels where the families stayed and the facilities they had. We was just like, really? Everybody felt bad after the first practice. Our bodies felt terrible [after being on the Tulane baseball field], so it was the whole week. I think Coach Harbaugh was like, ‘I’ve had enough of it. We’re the visiting team and we’ve done everything the NFL said.’ He stuck up for us and said we are not turning over.”

Suggs is definitely a graduate of the Ray Lewis, “Us against the world” academy.

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