Stephen A. Smith: Dwight Howard told Rudy Gay during a game that he wanted him to join him in Brooklyn next season

dwight-howardWhen Stephen A. Smith isn’t causing controversy saying things he shouldn’t on First Take, he’s dropping interesting NBA nuggets from his vast sources. You can criticize Stephen A. for many things, but his NBA reporting and sources can’t be criticized. So when Smith drops nuggets from his sources, you have no choice but to at least pay some attention.

The latest NBA nugget Stephen A. revealed was in response to a caller floating a Lakers-Knicks trade involving Dwight Howard on The Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco show on Thursday. Smith shoots down the trade, but adds that Howard is still interested in playing in Brooklyn. And in fact, he told Rudy Gay on the court in a recent Lakers-Raptors game that “he should’ve waited to get traded [to the Raptors] because he could’ve joined him in Brooklyn next season”.

Here is the full audio of Stephen A. Smith’s comments:

UPDATE: Smith’s claim doesn’t exactly add up. We explain.

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  1. FYI, Rudy \gay wasnt even a Raptor at the time the Lakers played, check the facts

  2. Lakers-Raptors game was on January 20th. Rudy Gay was traded to the Raptors on January 30th. Something isn’t right here, ladies & gentlemen. Someone doesn’t have his/her facts right. Rudy Gay wasn’t playing for the Raptors in that game. Do I smell another attention rumour, or perhaps a writer is dying to gain some serious attention…?!

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