Roger Goodell reportedly made nearly $29.5 million in 2011

roger-goodellRoger Goodell reigns supreme over the most lucrative sports league in the world. So it goes without saying that Goodell would be making a ton of money himself.

According to Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Daily, Goodell took home a salary of $11.6 million in 2010. But in 2011, Goodell’s salary almost tripled to nearly $29.5 million in 2011 which made him the highest paid commissioner in professional sports.

So why the big jump in 2011? Kaplan cites the 10-year labor deal and lucrative new TV contracts that were signed after the lockout. Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank defended Goodell’s lofty salary in a prepared statement.

“The NFL is the most successful and best-managed sports league in the world,” said Falcons Owner and Compensation Committee Chair Arthur Blank in a prepared statement. “This is in no small part due to Roger’s leadership and the value he brings to the table in every facet of the sport and business of the league. His compensation reflects that.”

That’s all well and good, but what do we remember Goodell doing in 2011? Well, he supposedly took a pay cut during the lockout and blasted the players for it and he spent a lot of time in a tanning bed. So he definitely earned that $29 million.

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