Report: Kobe Bryant would support trading Dwight Howard

kobe-bryant-dwight-howardAnother day, another story about the rocky, at best, relationship between Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant. Just to recap, the two have fought on the court, fought off the court, and showed their disdain for one another to their Western Conference All Star teammates.

Despite their perceived issues, Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio there isn’t a riff between the two stars. But if Mitch Kupchak decided that it wasn’t working out and decided to trade Howard, Bryant would fully support the move.

Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak has strongly nixed the notion that Howard could be moved prior to Thursday’s trading deadline. But if Kupchak changes his mind, he’d have Bryant’s full support, according to sources.

While Bryant and Howard aren’t close, no rift exists between them, either. Still, Bryant appears uncertain if Howard is the right fit on a team that must put together a fervent finish just to qualify for the postseason — and one that is unlikely to possess home-court advantage in any round if it does get there.

Amico also reports that Howard isn’t only rubbing Bryant the wrong way. Other Lakers have concerns about Howard as well.

Howard alone can hardly be blamed, and Bryant even admires how Howard has played through back and shoulder pain. But sources say Bryant also wonders if Howard has the right approach, mental toughness and overall willingness to help the Lakers flourish in what has become their most important stretch.

Bryant is not alone in his concern, sources say. Nash, Pau Gasol and several others also seem fairly uneasy about Howard’s commitment to the cause.

According to sources, a number of Lakers have their doubts about whether Howard takes the game seriously and “wants it” enough for the challenges the team now faces.

These concerns shouldn’t be surprising. Especially if you believe even a small percentage of Stephen A. Smith’s report that ultimately Dwight wants to be in Brooklyn.

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