Ray Edwards’ latest boxing match includes his opponent taking a dive


Former NFL defensive end Ray Edwards is waiting for his next NFL job after being released by the Falcons. And while he’s waiting, he’s decided to rekindled his boxing “career” that he once had back in 2010 when he was with the Minnesota Vikings.

Back in his debut fight in 2010, Edwards won a four-round unanimous decision over someone named T.J. Gibson where he at one point threw Gibson to the mat using a swim move.

Despite the win, even Edwards admitted at the time that he has “some things to work on.”

Fast forward to 2013 and now Edwards is back in the ring, this time at the WinterFest Boxing in West Fargo, ND according to this Youtube video’s description. And instead of winning unanimously over his opponent, he’s now winning by way of his opponent taking a dive.

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