Oscar Pistorius reportedly tried to resuscitate Reeva Steenkamp after she was shot four times

Oscar-PistoriusAs expected, more details are emerging regarding the death of Reeva Steenkamp and the arrest of double-amputee Olympian Oscar Pistorius. The latest details from African newspaper Beeld via the Telegraph that are that Steenkamp was still alive when security guards and neighbors arrived at Pistorius’ home on the day of the shooting.

Witnesses also told Beeld that Steenkamp was to believed to have been sitting on the bathroom sink and Pistorius shot her through the bathroom door. It is also believed that Steenkamp was shot four times, in the head, the chest, and the hand.

In the aftermath of the shooting, witnesses say that Pistorius was seen “running down the stairs with the blonde model in his arms.” And once downstairs, he tried to resuscitate her.

Neighbours and security guards at the exclusive Silver Woods Country Estate, to the east of Pretoria, are reported by Beeld to have heard Miss Steenkamp’s last, ragged breaths.

Blood spatters ran along the route Pistorius is said to have carried his girlfriend as he sought help, and bloody towels lay on the floor where police found her when they arrived moments later, the paper said.

As for Pistorius’ family, they’re worried that police are rushing through the investigation.

“We are all very sad for him, the whole thing is terribly bad for him,” she told Beeld. “We want the right things to happen (with reference to the legal process), but it feels like people are a little too hastily.”

Pistorius denies he committed the murder.

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  1. Did he already have his prothetic limbs on?

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