Mike Vick restructures his contract so he can compete for his job in Philadelphia

NFL: Washington Redskins at Philadelphia EaglesMike Vick will be back in Philadelphia next season, but under quite different circumstances than the last two years. Of course, the obvious difference is he will be playing for a new head coach. But the newest difference is now Vick will be playing on a new $10 million one-year contract. And that’s not all. According to USA Today, along with his new contract, he now has to compete for the job he once held in Philly.

A person informed of the team’s thinking regarding its quarterback situation said the plan this spring, should a new deal with Vick be worked out, was to have Vick and Foles compete for the job. The person, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said it was communicated to Foles that Vick could be brought back at a lower rate, and that it wouldn’t mean he was going to be traded.

So it seems that the Eagles gave Vick two options: Restructure your deal or ease on down the road. And since Vick reportedly to Yahoo! Sports feels that being with Chip Kelly is “the perfect situation” for him, he chose option #1.

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