Miami Marlins tickets went on sale this weekend, but not many people showed up to buy them


How bad have things gotten in Miami for the Marlins? Well for one, Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria was voted barely more popular than Fidel Castro in South Florida. And if that didn’t tell you how bad things are, the Marlins held their Winter Warm Up event where single game tickets were put up for sale. And the picture above shows the rather anemic line for those tickets.

As for the other 10 or so fans that did show up, they decided to use the event as a chance to protest the direction of the Marlins.

Gary Cooper and Jorge Hidalgo of Miami wore custom-made matching protest shirts.
Said Cooper: “We love our Marlins. We just hate Loria.”

Cooper said he was hoping to get players to sign the shirt. He said his shirt was a hit with fans, adding ““Even the employees liked it.’’

Don Chase, a Fort Lauderdale lawyer, wore a Toronto Blue Jays cap — his way of protesting November trade.
“I’m supporting the Marlins North,” Chase said. “We need to trade the owner.”

If he had a chance to talk to Loria, Chase said he would tell the owner to “Open up his wallet. He treats the team like an investment. It needs to be more like a hobby.”

Something tells us that there will be entertaining stories coming out of South Florida this season.

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