Lance Armstrong reportedly under criminal investigation

Lance-ArmstrongIn an attempt to keep the wolves at bay, Lance Armstrong finally admitted that he cheated and sat down to “confess” it all to Oprah. But unfortunately for Armstrong, those moves are reportedly not keeping the wolves at bay. And according to ABC News, Armstrong is currently under investigation by the federal government for obstruction, witness tampering, and intimidation.

Federal investigators are in the midst of an active criminal investigation of disgraced former Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, ABC News has learned.

According to the source, who agreed to speak on the condition that his name and position were not used because of the sensitivity of the matter, “Agents are actively investigating Armstrong for obstruction, witness tampering and intimidation.”

Investigators are not concerned with the drug use, but Armstrong’s behavior in trying to maintain his secret by allegedly threatening and interfering with potential witnesses.

[ABC News]

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  1. I sent Lance several messages on facebook and told him not to admit to shit. Sure just admit you did it and they’ll let you go. Now comes 5 years in the court room and Lance ends up with no money. I told him screw them. I told him start his own Iron Man races on his own. He couyld have gotten one started.

  2. Give it a rest. Must be a slow day for all of u.

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